Exploring Human Potential

Understanding Miscarriage: What To Say and What Not To Say

Mike Magee Pregnancy can be an exciting and happy time for potential parents. But when something goes wrong and miscarriage is a result, recovery can be difficult. It’s not so much the physical problems as the emotional ones. With about 1 million known miscarriages out of 6 million U.S. pregnancies each year, a startling number of […]

School Bullies

The damage they do is serious and long-lastingRecently the problem of school bullying reared its ugly head. The airwaves featured a youngster in Arkansas, progressively and deliberately isolated, abused, tormented and damaged. The problem is large, complex and pervasive, according to the American Medical Association. How large a problem? A 2001 study of nearly 16,000 […]

Rock and Hold

The surprising impact of the Rocking Chair Project By Mike Magee Seven years ago, on the birth of our first grandchild, Anabella, Trish and I gave our son, Michael, and his wife Susanna a glider rocking chair. It had such a comforting and nurturing effect on both the child and her parents, that we made […]

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