Exploring Human Potential

Surgeons Embrace Health Consumers

Dr. Tom Russell’s new book Over the years, I’ve always been proud to be a surgeon, as was my father, and as are two of my brothers. Having watched my father in his office attached to the house from the time I was a little boy, I knew that it was possible to be a […]

How Do Physicians Think?

Author Jerome Groopman, MD, discusses how mistakes in diagnosis can occur A strong patient-physician relationship is critical to the functioning of our health care system. But the relationship between patients and physicians is far from perfect. Physician Jerome Groopman recently explored ways that problems can occur as physicians seek to provide quality care for their […]

Caring for the Critically Ill — Not a Job Description for Politicians

Dr. Chris Johnson, former director of Mayo Clinic’s pediatric ICU, has written an important book. It was published by New Horizon Press and is titled “Your Critically Ill Child: Life and Death Choices Parents Must Face.” Chris makes the case for personalizing care, informed mutual decision making and trusting America’s families to make the right […]

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