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When it comes to American Epidemics, It Is As Much About Us As It Is the Microbes We Encounter.

Mike Magee Epidemics don’t appear in isolation of geography, social status, race or economics. In a recent Kaiser Family Foundation article, the authors reviewed case numbers and death rates organized by race/ethnicity. It will come as no surprise that the most vulnerable population’s death rate is nearly three times greater than the least vulnerable. But […]

My Fictional Day At The Beach With Lindsey Graham.

Mike Magee Senator Lindsey Graham (R.,S.C.) is on summer recess. A consummate professional politician, and war hardened lawyer, Sen. Graham has made a career out of flipping on a dime. His moral calculus has been flexible enough to wiggle and weave, and switch sides if cornered.  In my dreams, I caught a glimpse of him […]

Monday in America – Message on Positive Leadership from Karen Katen.

Mike Magee With President Biden’s positive leadership at home and abroad, our nation this Monday morning in August, appears to be turning the corner. While clearly not out of the woods yet, we Americans and our form of government has withstood a serious stress test, one led by a rogue leader and a party (unlike […]

“Revolving Door” Doesn’t Quite Describe It. It’s Lou Lasagna’s “Integrated Career Ladder.”

Mike Magee Last week, the New York Times shinned a light on the FDA’s top science regulator of the tobacco industry, Matt Holman, who announced his retirement after 20 years to join Phillip Morris. As they noted, “To critics, Dr. Holman’s move is a particularly concerning example of the ‘revolving door’ between federal officials and […]

Why “Medicare for All” Could Appeal to White Swing Voters.

Mike Magee “There’s common ground there—not the warm belonging of full creedal agreement, perhaps, but a place, even a welcoming place, where we can stand together.”    Ian Marcus Corbin, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School Most Americans would love to believe this statement. But political reality intervenes. A March, 2022 Pew Research Center analysis found […]

Mike Magee’s Advice To The AMA On Reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Mike Magee Stable, civic societies are built upon human trust and confidence. If you were forced to rebuild a society, leveled by warfare and devastation, where would you begin? This is the question the U.S. Army faced at the close of WW II, specifically when it came to rebuilding Germany and Japan, hopefully into stable […]

Why, After 200 Years, Is Haiti This Impoverished?

Mike Magee This Spring, at the President’s College at the University of Hartford, I taught a timely course titled, “The History of Epidemics in America.” By way of introduction, I stated that “Epidemics are social, political, philosophical, medical and above all ecological. They are also narratives – with a beginning, middle and end, and a […]

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