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A Nation At Risk This 4th of July!

SOURCE: Decline in State/County GPA from Global Warming The fact that the US is the only developed nation in the world that spends more on Health Care than all other Social Services combined according to a 2015 Commonwealth Fund study is a remarkably regressive achievement. Besides reflecting our distorted financial and ethical priorities, and the natural […]

Do Majority in My State Support Trumpcare? NO!

State     Oppose AHCA   Support AHCA DC                  70%                             16% MA                  59%                         […]

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger: Employer Health Care Not Taxes Is the Problem.

Buffett and Munger Mike Magee This week the Wall Street Journal editorial page couldn’t help itself. They let loose with a snarky piece titled “California Single-Payer Dreaming” and front-ended their conclusion with the words, “This proves the truism that the liberal solution to every government failure is always more government.” For good measure, they added, […]

The U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain – The Gray and Black Market

    Mike Magee With the U.S. Pharmaceutical supply chain, what you see is not what you get. As we saw last week there are roughly 4 1/2 billion prescriptions filled each year. Just under 50% of American residents have filled 1 prescription in the past 30 days. The 1st Tier drug supply chain above […]

Climate Change + Migration + Turmoil = Disaster There are 64 million UN “Persons of Concern” in the world.   They are in danger because of climate change.   Climate change creates instability and economic hardship and….   Drought, desertification, crop failure, famine and urban crowding.   All the above lead to human displacement and warfare.   12% (500 million) currently say […]

Doctors in the Top 5% – Not The Top 1% by Income. Oh, and Canadian doctors make more than U.S. doctors.

Source What are the average 2017 earnings of U.S. doctors? Primary Care – $217,000  Specialties – $316,000 What is the salary span for doctors by specialty? Pediatricians make the least ($202,000), Orthopedists the most ($489,000). How much have salaries grown in the last six years? 43%, from an average $206,000 in 2011 to an average […]

Trumpian Coal Quiz – True or False


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