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Retail Pharmacy: The Nucleus of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Part 3. The Prescription.

Mike Magee William Radam’s “Microbe Killer”, and other variations of mistreatment, with or without healer negligence, were mainly what instigated two hundred and fifty physician delegates from 28 states to coalesce at the  founding meeting of the American Medical Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 7, 1847. The meeting had been triggered by a motion […]

Retail Pharmacy: The Nucleus of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Part 2. Crossing The Pond.

Mike Magee By the 18th century, in Germany, England, France and Switzerland, says one British historian, “a man practicing pharmacy, whether apothecary or chemist and druggist”, saw his retail operation as the cornerstone of a potential wholesale gold mine. What is it they produced back then? Well at least in Britain, the answer is, quite […]

Retail Pharmacy: The Nucleus of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Part I – The Local Druggist

Mike Magee If you do a word association game today, and throw out the word “sickness”, many will respond with “medicine”. If you query “medicine, “drug store” or “pharmacy” appear. Press further, and CVS and Walgreens make the list. This is not a phenomena of health consumerism which as a movement is scarcely three decades […]

What We Don’t Know.

Mike Magee Some years back, I asked Craig Ventor, co-discoverer of the human genome, what percentage of the knowledge he believed we currently possessed to take optimal care of human beings. His rapid response? “Less than 1 percent.” Austin Frakt, public health professor at Boston University and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, recently […]

AMA’s Quiet Retreat

Mike Magee It’s the dog days of summer. So you may have missed a brief, but significant announcement by the AMA last week that it was exiting the anti-“Medicare-for-all” coalition, The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. It is a faux-partnership whose real purpose is to preserve the past rather then chart a progressive future.  The […]

Scheining A Light On Health Reform

Mike Magee In 2004, Edward Henry Schein, a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, advanced a theory and scheme for understanding the contradictions that exist in organized culture. His system shined a light on obvious conflicts between our stated values, our actual behaviors, and the hidden assumptions, biases and prejudices that sub-consciously anchor […]

The Preamble and Health

Mike Magee As a matter of self-defense, I and many other American citizens have been exploring our origins and the stated purpose of our country, its Constitution and ideals, as much in part to reassure myself that most Americans are good and decent people, not perfect but also not intentionally racist, misogynistic or cruel in […]

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