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Giving Women The Power To Save Their Lives

Mike Magee Apparently Melinda Gates has had just about enough. Recently she stated, ““Somewhere along the way we got confused by our own conversation and we stopped trying to save these lives.”(1) Was she referring to some new radical idea or great scientific conundrum? Not at all. She was referring to contraception and the availability […]

Is Mitt Romney (Like George W. Bush) Going To Throw Science Under The Bus?

Mike Magee MD Last year, American women took advantage of emergency contraception in the United States over 12 million times.(1) That’s a steep increase over prior years. What it means is that these women decided to use contraception, albeit after sexual intercourse, rather than conceive an unwanted child. It also means that some of these […]

Insurance Coverage For Birth Control – Time For Catholic Women and Their Doctors To Correct My Father’s Sins.

Mike Magee As one of 12 children created by Catholic parents – a physician father and a teacher mother – I found it remarkably odd (bizarre even) that they would leave us with a baby sitter on  Wednesday night to go out to give a lecture to Catholic couples on the value of the “Rhythm […]

Is it Time to Regulate Infertility Clinics?

The curious case of Nadya Suleman If you’ve turned on the TV in the past few weeks, you couldn’t miss one of two sets of images. The first is our new president attempting to weave his way through a long list of complex issues to stir the country down a different financial path. The second […]

Postpartum Depression

A serious condition that shouldn’t be ignoredPostpartum depression is a serious condition that can have devastating consequences when it goes unrecognized or untreated. It affects one in eight women who give birth, yet it is just now getting the attention it deserves. One woman described it this way, “I thought I would be overjoyed when […]

Incontinence in Women

A surprisingly common problem Incontinence– the loss of bladder control – affects about 25 million Americans, but you don’t hear much about it. While 55% of women in their 80s have the problem, nearly 30% of women in their 30s experience some loss of bladder control at least once a month. Believe it or not, […]

Maternal Depression: You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

A call for universal screeningA health care professional once told me a story about her bout with postpartum depression.  She talked about spending months in her pajamas, never leaving the house and struggling to function in her role as a new mother.  She talked about barely being able to care for her baby and about […]

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