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Where Are Christians for Health Reform

Michael Millenson (Original Post: December 23, 2009; Huffington Post) Many of us Jews who take our Judaism seriously have been giving co-coreligionist Joe Lieberman a hard time, in the Jewish press and elsewhere for his obstructionism on health care reform. We believe the Connecticut senator’s actions are inconsistent with his famously deep commitment to religious […]

An Impending Hanging

Will Health 2.0 be compromised by the economic downturn? Nothing focuses the mind like an impending hanging. — Samuel Johnson I’ve been preparing for tomorrow’s 3rd Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco, where I’ll join my pals Matthew, Indu Subaiya, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and Michael Millenson amid a Who’s-Who cast of health industry luminaries. I spent […]

Eight Days: A Health Care Diary

Thought-provoking commentary from blogger Michael Millenson Health Commentary guest blogger Michael Millenson has been on the road recently, covering health care events around the country. His summaries, posted at the Health Affairs Blog July 10, capture very well some of the key issues we face in trying to sort out our health care system problems. Read on… EIGHT […]

‘Consumers Checkbook’: An Open Response To HHS Secretary Leavitt

HHS says that it wants transparency, but its actions speak differently A few months ago, the two of us (Brian Klepper, top photo, Michael Millenson, bottom photo) – both long-time advocates for transparency and accountability – posted separate comments on Secretary Mike Leavitt’s blog.  Brian asked Secretary Leavitt to square his support of "Chartered Value Exchanges” with […]

Huckabee-Style Health Reform

Morally and physically fit Back in November, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wrote a remarkably candid essay for a special election issue of the trade journal Modern Healthcare. Since then, the former Arkansas governor’s campaign has morphed from single-digit obscurity to mainstream prominence, and the candor on health care has mostly been scrubbed clean from […]

Health Care’s Cold Truth

An Iowa perspective I am writing this blog from Cedar Rapids, Iowa grateful that the temperature has warmed from brutally cold to pleasantly sub-freezing. Fortunately, the warm feelings left by the extraordinary victory of Sen. Barack Obama, the candidate for whom I was knocking on doors and making phone calls these last few days, has […]

Tiny Tim Health Care

Dickens’ Christmas Carol carries a health care message for all of us Every year at this time, millions of Americans turn their attention to a much-beloved story about health care reform. I refer, of course, to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. While this is not the traditional plot summary, it aptly describes a story rooted […]

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