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Canada vs. U.S. Health Care: National Governance Reform – HHS, FDA, NIH, CDC.

Mike Magee As we have seen, America’s health care system – disintegrated, opaque and heavily conflicted – didn’t just happen. It is the result of thousands of conscious decisions over nearly a century. Choices made have tipped the scale toward intervention, technology, and medicalization at every turn. Peggy Noonan suggested this week that Paul Ryan’s […]

JAMA Exclusive Addresses “Statinization”.

JAMA Early Release: More Than a Billion People Taking Statins? Potential Implications of the New Cardiovascular Guidelines John P. A. Ioannidis, MD, DSc1,2 Published online December 02, 2013. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.284657 “The ACC and the AHA are among the most experienced organizations in medicine that develop guidelines. Their processes are meticulous, including transparent reporting of conflicts. The work behind […]

Cholesterol: Never Having To Say You’re Sorry – Authors, Reviewers and RWI’s.

Mike Magee Tough week for the Cholesterol Franchise. When the major heart associations (American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology) put out new guidelines in the journal Circulation(1), and instantaneously the Cleveland Clinic’s Steven Nissen and Brigham and Women’s Peter Libby trash the recommendations, and Harvard’s Paul M. Ridker and Nancy Cook let […]

Why Are These Doctor Politicians So Angry With Obamacare When The AMA, AAMC and AHA Are Not?

Mike Magee In 1965, as I graduated from high school, I distinctly remember my father being in an unusually foul mood. He was a doctor through and through, and a huge supporter of the American Medical Association(AMA). He was president of New Jersey’s largest County Medical Society, and later a mentor to Jim Todd, who […]

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