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Hospital Obsolescence or Hospital Reinvention?

Mike Magee Two weeks ago Zeke Emanuel asked the question “Are hospitals becoming obsolete?” In his New York Times Op-Ed he flagged the high water mark for the industry as 1981, a year when 6,933 hospitals nationwide admitted 39 million patients or 171 for every 1000 Americans. Thirty five years later, our population has grown […]

Retail Medical Clinics – The Disruptive Impact of Walmart

Mike Magee Mike Magee This week’s NEJM article on the expansion of retail clinics in the U.S. begins: “ In a tumultuous era of change propelled by public health policies and private entrepreneurial activity, the spread of retail clinics offering basic primary care, walk-in visits, extended hours, and lower prices than a doctor’s office or […]

CDC Focuses On Outpatient Infection In New Guide

The CDC just released a guide of infection prevention recommendations for outpatient services.The guide’s recommendations focus  on outpatient (ambulatory care) settings. They emphasize  the foundation steps for preventing transmission of infectious agents in all healthcare settings. Links to full guidelines and source documents are provided.

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