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AARP and the Commonwealth Fund Send Congress a Warning: We Oppose Dismantling Medicaid.

If Tom Price and the Republican Congress plan to roll over health care, they are in for a fight. That is becoming increasingly clear. The latest messenger was the powerful AARP – not commenting (yet) on Medicare, but rather putting out opposition markers to the idea of Medicaid block grants. The complete AARP statement is […]

King v. Burwell – Thursday, 10 AM. Friday’s Question For Presidential Candidates: “What’s Your Plan Now?”

Mike Magee According to the official blog of the Supreme Court of the United States, this Thursday at 10 AM, we can expect some decisions coming down in the much publicized case, King v. Burwell. But while many Americans have vaguely heard of the case, few understand exactly what the case is about, and what […]

FEATURED VIDEO: Commonwealth Fund – College Grads Can Now Stay Insured

Sara Collins Featured Video Here Tens of thousands of young adults will be graduating from high school and college in the next month. In years past, they automatically would have been kicked off their parents’ health insurance plans upon graduation. Now, of course, they can stay on their parents’ plans until they turn age 26. […]

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