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Career Ladder Bias: “How To Succeed” Inside The Medical-Industrial Complex.

Mike Magee In 2004, when I read Dr. Marcia Angell’s book, “The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us And What To Do About It”, I agreed with everything she wrote. How couldn’t I? At the time, I had a front row seat inside the largest pharmaceutical company in the world and managed […]

Note to AMA et al: Transparency and Sunshine Are In Your Own Best Interest

Mike Magee The American Medical Association and its Federation, including the influential American College of Cardiology, took a stand this week – for “non-transparency”.  When it comes to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry paying the freight for doctors’ continuing education, they’d rather the patients and regulators be kept in the dark. What they are […]

NEJM Critique of US Medical Research – 1966 vs. 2016. A Deeply Conflicted System.

Henry K. Beecher,MGH Mike Magee “Assessing the Gold Standard – Lessons from the History of RCTs” , in last week’s NEJM, provided useful historical perspective, but was intentional selective and treaded lightly on the darker side of America’s medical-industrial complex, and its conflicted role in human medical experimentation. The most significant determinant that defined the direction of […]

AHC’s and The “Medical-Industrial Complex” : Re-establishing Appropriate Checks and Balances

Mike Magee In this week’s New England Journal of Medicine, there were dueling articles addressing the question whether this nation’s investment in Academic Medical Centers is helping or hurting when it comes to improving the quality and efficiency of our health care system. In the lead article, Gail Wilensky and her co-authors add up the […]

Conflict of Interest and Positive Leadership- When History Repeats.

Mike Magee One of the good things about getting older – at least for writers – is that stories reappear from the past but with a different twist. In fact, when stories reappear, frequently they come in two’s or three’s, and the new story is at the intersection. Here’s an example from this week. Eric […]

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