Exploring Human Potential

When coders lose their jobs.

Mike Magee With health care now consuming close to 1 of every 5 dollars in America, it comes as no surprise that the sector is a major employer. No surprise either that many of those jobs deliver zero benefits when it comes to patient care. In fact, there are now 16 health care jobs for […]

Health Manpower Planning In “A Zero Marginal Cost” Economy.

Mike Magee This week an economist with rose colored glasses suggested that there were two reasons for extreme optimism toward the United States economy, even as Putin goes out on an economic limb to assume the liability of his old Soviet partners. The first positive is our well publicized movement toward energy independence, with the […]

Avoiding A Health Care Bubble

Ralph Snyderman The recent report from the Department of Labor showing that the United States economy added just 69,000 jobs in May was met with surprise and disappointment and has had an immediate effect on the presidential campaign as well as the stock market. What was lost in this news, however, is that almost half of […]

Does President Obama’s Job Plan Include Health Care?

Mike Magee President Obama just completed announcing his Jobs Plan in the Rose Garden at the White House. It’s already on its way to Congress and focuses on a cut in payroll taxes and “rebuilding schools and blighted neighborhoods, helping local governments pay teachers and firefighters, setting up an ‘infrastructure bank’ to leverage federal loans […]

In Down Market, Health Is Hiring: Emphasis On Character

Mike Magee It seems that this is the “Summer of Flame and Blame” when it comes to our economy. Bickering has replaced governance; S&P downgrades America’s AAA rating but felt Lehman’s A rating was fine and dandy the day before it fell off the map; and the market is crashing today with the possibility we’re […]

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