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Why Do Canadian Kids With Cystic Fibrosis Live 10 Years Longer Than American Kids?

Mike Magee At the end of WWII, Canada and the U.S. realized the necessity of focusing on health care infrastructure. There were of course the hundreds of thousands of physical and mental health casualties streaming into overflowing and over-stressed hospitals. Add to this a significant and growing explosion of chronic diseases fed by soldiers and […]

Giving Up The Ghost: Republican State Legislators Begin To Acquiesce to Medicaid Expansion.

Mike Magee In a recent analysis of the U.S. and Canadian health care systems, two things were clear. First, Canada Health Care was planned, and our’s just happened. And second, both nations favored regional over federal delivery systems. In the U.S., that meant a strong bias toward state management, while in Canada the provinces and […]

Integrating Our Way Toward Universal Health Care in America

Source: Consumerist Mike Magee Would you be willing to subject yourself to a 3.3% payroll tax (and your employer to a 6.7% payroll tax) to gain access to reliable simple universal health coverage – one that provided choice in and out of network, one that would cover all citizens, and one that has drawn the […]

Mark Cuban: Obamacare Great For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Mike Magee You probably already know where I stand on this. I don’t like tying Americans’ health care insurance to employment. It’s not just that it was an accident of history back in the late 40’s or that no other advanced nation has followed our lead. It also has to do with a wide range […]

Don’t Blame Mississippi For Not “Uniting” The United States: “Make It Work!”

Mike Magee In Spring, 1974, my Chief Resident in Surgery at the University of North Carolina, walked into the Emergency Room. It had been a particularly grueling night filled with blood, anguish and the sound of helicopters landing and sirens blowing. The team had performed well, including me – an intern with less than a […]

Why Insurance Exchange Glitches Are A Good Sign and Have Obamacare Opponents Worried.

Mike Magee Glitches in health insurance exchange sites were widely reported yesterday, the first day of a 6 month open enrollment period for new insurance programs offered under the Affordable Care Act. While this was undoubtedly a source of stress for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, it was a nice problem to have. It was mainly […]

Artist Randy Souders – One of the 47% – Clear Eyed and In His Own Words.

Randy Sounders After writing this week about “The New RomneyCare – Reinforcing The Status Quo”, I heard from a number of people whose lives would be impacted by a Romney election. One of them was Randy Souders, the artist and a C3/C4 tetraplegic since his accident at age 18 in 1972. Randy and I served for […]

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