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The Physician Psyche – An Existential Crisis of Our Own Making

Mike Magee The medical journals these days are replete with analyses of the latest health reform measures, and their negative impact on the physician psyche. It would be easy to simply connect the dots, and say that physician discontent is the result of ill-advised organizational changes. But, in reality, this problem has plagued the profession […]

Is My Brain Growing As I Age?

Mike Magee Because my father and his sister developed Alzheimer’s disease in their late 70’s, and because they were subjected to a prolonged and painful decline, and finally death, as a result of the disease, my ten brothers and sisters (ranging in age now from the mid-fifties to the early seventies) have been particularly focused […]

“Medical-Industrial Complex” Feels The Summer Heat

Mike Magee It’s been quite a week for the “Medical-Industrial Complex”. This interwoven series of governmental, non-profit, academic and corporate relationships rivals the countries “Military-Industrial Complex” in its relentless consumption of America’s human treasures and financial capital, its’ non-transparency, its’ capacity to resist reform in an orderly and responsible manner, and its’ wide range of […]

What Does “Patient-Centered” Really Mean?

MICHAEL MILLENSON Health Commentary contributor, Michael Millenson, recently published an important paper in the Journal of General Internal Medicine titled “New Roles and Rules for Patient-Centered Care”. It provides abundant food for thought, and it deserves a careful reading. Here are a few excerpts: THE GOAL: “Certainly, ‘patient-centered care’ was not the goal originally pursued […]

IOM Weighs In On Sports-Related Concussions In Children

A new IOM report released today flashes a yellow caution light on contact youth sports. The report states in part: “Studies of the shorter-term effects of repetitive head impacts and multiple concussions have had mixed results; some studies show that these injuries result in a decrease in cognitive function — such as memory loss — […]

IOM Webinar: Advancing Physical Education in US Schools

Thursday, September 26th, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Food and Nutrition Board and the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN)will host a webinar on September 26, 2013. Information: “In May 2013, the IOM released the report Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to […]

Preventing Elder Abuse: 5 Actions That Could Make A Difference.

Mike Magee In  2012 the Institute of Medicine convened a forum on global violence. In the report they noted that, “Although little discussion took place regarding violence against the elderly, some elements of the framework could apply to elder abuse.”(1) It should be no surprise to anyone that the care of elder Americans generates a […]

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