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Does Maternal Health Care in America Deserve Its “Me-Too” Moment?

Mike Magee The U.S. birth rate dropped for the second year in a row, down 3% from the prior year, the largest decline since 2010. In 2017, there were nearly 4 million births, 500,000 fewer births than in 2007, even though there has been a 7% increase in women 20 to 39, prime childbearing years, […]

The Risks and Benefits of Home-Centered Deliveries in America.

CDC, 1990-2012 Mike Magee In the final week of 2015, there was a great deal of coverage on the relative risks of home delivery versus hospital-based delivery in the United States. The coverage derived from a NEJM study of Oregon databases in 2012 and 2013 that listed the intended site for delivery for all births […]

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