Exploring Human Potential

Understanding America’s Unhealthy Beginnings: 1826.

Mike Magee Historians of 19th century America have well-documented that, as compromised as our population’s health was at the birth of our nation, it deteriorated markedly between 1830 and 1860. Those clearly at greatest risk were enslaved Blacks, forcibly relocated native Americans, and subjugated women. But entitled white male citizens also experienced significant declines in […]

Sloppy Prescribing and “Unlearned Intermediary” Law

Movantik Ad for OID Mike Magee The term “learned intermediary” is a legal term, first used in 1966, and defined by the Fifth Circuit Court as follows: “Prescription drugs are likely to be complex medicines, esoteric in formula and varied in effect.  As a medical expert, the prescribing physician can take into account the propensities […]

Optimizing Home Health Care: Enhanced Value and Improved Outcomes

Steven Landers MD, MPH I am excited to let you know about the publication of a supplement to Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine called “Optimizing Home Health Care: Enhanced Value and Improved Outcomes.” See links below. This indexed and peer reviewed journal supplement has several articles outlining innovative concepts and approaches in home care. Physicians […]

Sleep, Nurturing, and One Mother’s Vision On Forward Facing Care

Mike Magee As a grandparent of nine, with seven who are age 5 and under, I’ve had a great deal of exposure lately to early childhood parenting. When our own kids were this age, I was so preoccupied with a surgical residency and starting a practice that I didn’t fully appreciate the remarkably complex work […]

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