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Ebola Crisis Communications Out Of Control: Time Again For Tony Fauci

Ashoka Mukpo, source/DailyMail UK Mike Magee With the announcement this morning that Nancy Snyderman and her Ebola infected free lance photographer, Ashoka Mukpo, are on their way back to the states from Liberia in a private corporate jet, fundamental questions about transmission of Ebola are being raised. The current situation rings the same crisis communication […]

Progress Post-Election: Child’s Play

Mike Magee With the election behind us, the question is, “What happens now?”  The consensus on “Morning Joe” this morning (from both sides of the aisle) was that there was an opportunity now to compromise and collaborate to address the deficit as well as giant issues like Medicare, our infrastructure and climate policy. But how […]

The New RomneyCare: Introducing The Old Status Quo

Mike Magee Nearly a decade ago, I participated in a collaborative gathering of health policy leaders each year at the Sundance Mountain Lodge in Monument, CO. The group, called the Health Sector Assembly, is still in existence. As veteran reporter David Broder wrote in 2003, “Organized by Roy Pfautch, a veteran of the American Medical […]

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