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Why Are These Doctor Politicians So Angry With Obamacare When The AMA, AAMC and AHA Are Not?

Mike Magee In 1965, as I graduated from high school, I distinctly remember my father being in an unusually foul mood. He was a doctor through and through, and a huge supporter of the American Medical Association(AMA). He was president of New Jersey’s largest County Medical Society, and later a mentor to Jim Todd, who […]

Young Invincibles Meet Obamacare: What You Need To Know.

Mike Magee This week, across America, college age kids are beginning to pack up and get ready to head back to college. They are part of a larger band of young, primarily healthy, and until now, largely uninsured citizens. That’s about to change with the institution of Obamacare. What do they need to know? First, […]

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