Exploring Human Potential

Justice Is A Complicated Affair, Dr. Barrasso.

Mike Magee Dr. John Barrasso, 1996, source/Spencer Books “We’re better than this” is the common refrain heard from many political leaders following the deadly assault on our democracy on January 6th. Are we really? One year ago, my physician friend, Senator John Barrasso, famously said, “The time for political stunts is over. The Senate had […]

Do We Need A Journalistic Code of Ethics For Doctor Politicians?

Mike Magee There are now 20 doctors in Congress – 16 Republicans and 4 Democrats. That’s pretty significant, especially in an age of transformative health reform and debate. As the date for the opening of the Affordable Care Act approached, Republican doctor-politicians were pushed far into the limelight by their party to add credibility to […]

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