Exploring Human Potential

Q&A in Health Care

It’s Time to Ask the Tough Questions I recently spoke at the American Society of Association Executives meeting in Chicago and received these follow-up questions from Scott Litch Esq., CAE. I’ve posted his note and questions here with his permission, along with my answers. From Scott: “I enjoyed Dr. Magee’s talk today at the American […]

Going Under the Knife to Lose Weight

What you don’t know about bariatric surgery can hurt you “Obesity is an epidemic!” That’s what we’ve all heard. And the facts are convincing. Our collective Body Mass Index (BMI – which factors in weight and height, and is normally 20 to 25) is growing too fast. The percentage of Americans with a BMI over […]

Banking On Health

Looking Outside of Health to Fix U.S. Health Care I’ve been saying for some time that three sectors — Financial, Technology and Entertainment — will soon reshape American Health Care. What with? With financial assets, with IT innovation, and with an existing presence in the American home, which will soon be re-engineered for health. If […]

Who Owns The Red Cross?

Same Old and Something New In a past Health Politics program (The Red Cross: Then and Now) I recounted the history of this revered organization, as well as its trials and tribulations. Among these have been chronic quality management problems with its blood business, chronic governance turmoil, high senior leadership turnover, and criticism of its management […]

Motorcycle Fatalities Are Up

Stupid Has No Age Limits The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently cheered a 2% drop in highway deaths in 2006. (WSJ 7-31/07, D2, Joseph B. White) The 42,642 deaths that year was the lowest rate per 100 million vehicle miles ever recorded. Most of the improvement was likely due to advances in auto […]

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