Exploring Human Potential

Torture and Future US Physicians

How are we failing? I spent two years as a Senior Fellow in The Humanities with the World Medical Association (WMA). This global organization sprung to life after the Nuremberg trials, with a major goal to help prevent physicians around the world from ever again being co-conspirators in torture. During my stint, I was studying […]

Can Good Nutrition Sell?

A look at the “Guiding Stars” rating system There’s a lot of turmoil in the food and beverage industry these days – particularly in fast foods – as brands scramble to understand the changing wants and needs of consumers. One of the driving forces at work is a new consumer consciousness about nutritional value in […]

Out of the Hospital, Into the Home

If Tech is going to transform Health it needs to think outside the box A couple of weeks ago, the tech giants gathered in San Francisco for the Annual Web 2.0 Summit. But if you closed your eyes, you’d have thought you were at a health care meeting. And at the head of the table was […]


Warming up to Technology I have had a relationship with American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) for several years and recently accepted the role of Senior Fellow in Health Policy for AAHSA’s Center of Aging Services Technologies (CAST). During the coming week, at AAHSA’s national meeting in Orlando,  CAST will be […]

The Cold Chain

A critically important, but little known, concept for global health care In just a few weeks an international conference will be held in Copenhagen that will draw the world’s most influential health organizations and health-related businesses. But they’ll be discussing something most people have never heard of. It’s called “The Cold Chain” – the global […]

Bottled Water Blues?

Is bottled water impacting our environmental health?Jeremy Searle discusses some of the reasons he believes our over-reliance on bottled water is a bad idea. Do you share Jeremy’s concern that bottled water may have a negative impact on the environment? Or do the benefits outweigh environmental impacts? What’s your opinion?


A serious, and sometimes ignored, risk for young athletes Fall is here and with fall in the United States young people all across the country are playing football. It’s a rough game, which brings cuts and bruises at the very least. But a more serious injury – concussion – lurks just below the surface of […]

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