Exploring Human Potential

Bottled Water Revisited:

If you don’t buy it, how best to contain it?According to Beverage Marketing Corporation, Americans drink, on average, 192 gallons of liquid a year. Of that total, water represents about 11 percent of our consumption, about the same amount as milk, and about the same amount as coffee and tea combined. The lead category of […]

Candidates Should Read Dr. David Reuben’s Article

Better care for older persons means better care for all of us Dr. David Reuben from UCLA penned an article in JAMA in December, 2007 that all Presidential candidates should read. In two concise pages he shares six principles that he sees as essential in providing "optimal health care delivery for older persons with chronic disease." […]


We could mostly end global malnutrition with a simple, ready-to-use food The NY Times has an important op-ed today by Susan Shepherd, a pediatrician and medical advisor to Doctors Without Borders. The core of her message is that as the farm bill progresses through Congress, we should focus not only on the quantity of food […]

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