Exploring Human Potential

Declaration of Independence

Health independence today On July 4th, I was reading The New York Times, and at the end of the first section found a full page reproduction of the Declaration of Independence. I read it with pride in our founders, their idealism and courage, knowing of course that the union was established with acceptance of injustice […]

Fat Chemistry

A quick history of trans fatsWith all the talk about the nation’s obesity epidemic in recent years, we have been bombarded with information about fat content in food. But it’s not always easy to sort out the so-called “good” fat from the “bad.” In this week’s video, embedded with this blog, I offer a basic […]

Food As Sport

The mixed message surrounding healthy eating habits The emphasis on the obesity epidemic by health care experts has generated widespread media coverage.  Obesity across all age groups is rampant in America and has grave consequences for our health and longevity.  While this problem continues to be studied and multi disciplinary approaches towards interventions have been […]

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