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Inspiring The US Innovation Engine For Health Care: President Obama’s Visit To Intel

Posted on | February 24, 2011 | No Comments

Eric Dishman

I am on a plane returning from the annual HIMSS conference on health information technologies. As I watch the borderless states go by far below, I can see the lines and circles of our interstates and highways, which previous generations had the vision and audacity to create for us. Even with the depressing news headlines in the seat pocket in front of me about violence in Libya, continued economic uncertainty, and the threat of $5 gas prices, I find myself, well,inspired.

Last Friday I had the honor of attending President Obama’s visit to Intel in Oregon. Our CEO, Paul Otellini, gave us some much-needed good news about an additional 4000 jobs Intel will create in the U.S. this year as well as investment in a new Arizona lab. Then the President, humbly and humorously, took the stage (Read More)


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