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Message To AAFP 2014 “Winter Cluster”: Connectivity + Mobility = Reach.

Posted on | February 6, 2014 | Comments Off on Message To AAFP 2014 “Winter Cluster”: Connectivity + Mobility = Reach.

Mike Magee

The American Academy of Family Physicians convenes its’ “Winter Cluster” today. This is a 3 day opportunity for Family Medicine oriented student and resident representatives from Family Medicine chapters around the U.S. to meet and dialogue with Academy officers and Board members. The intent: To chart the future of Family Medicine.

The AAFP has been at the forefront of Health Policy strategic analysis. An example of their deliberate and thoughtful approach was the cross-sector process that proceeded the definition of “Medical Home” some years back. But as that case well illustrated, their execution of forward facing theoretical concepts often becomes diluted when confronted with the realities of care delivery on the ground. As I stated in my 6 word IOM critique of  “Medical Home” in 2009 – “Too Much Medical, Not Enough Home”.

So here’s a second chance, Winter Cluster. The medical world is thinking too narrowly when it comes to information technology and health. The “undervisioners” think it’s about EMR’s and gadgetry in home appliances or clothing. That’s fine. But the real power of IT, if you want to lead health care quality and efficiency in the future, can be defined in one single word – “connectivity”.

Connectivity, has the power to:

1. Re-center the power loop of healthcare from “hospital-medical office-hospital” to “home-care team-home”.

2. Efficiently and affordably establish data-driven, customized and individualized health planning and coaching in real-time, with 24/7 coverage, with special targeting for at-risk populations.

3. Use algorithms and existing online Cloud data sources to create and populate a consumer controlled Lifespan Planning Record for all Americans, whether they have been just conceived or are in the final phase of their life.

4. Eliminate the “translation gaps” that exist between research finding, clinician practice, and consumer adherence in management of individual and population chronic disease burden.

5. So effectively and efficiently manage health and human potential as to relieve the pressing financial burden of universal coverage; engage individuals, families and communities in the responsible work of maintaining their own health and expanding human potential; and reinforce a comprehensive and holistic philosophy of humanistic care that serves body, mind, and spirit

So, at some point in the next three days, I would like one of you to cut and paste the following 10 questions, and present them as a slide to the group for deliberation. Here they are:

1. What do I wish to connect?

2. Who do I wish to connect to?

3. For what purpose am I making these connections?

4. Who visits whom, where and when, in my vision?

5. Can more than 1 family member get services when I’m in the home/neighborhood?

6. Who is on my team?

7. Does my team include the patient, and the family caregiver?

8. Do all of my team members have new (modern) job descriptions – including the patient, the family caregiver and the physician?

9. Do my patient, and all of her/his multi-generational family members have a Lifespan Plan – and are we using the same hardware and software on an appropriate mobile device designed for navigation by users ages 3 to 100?

10. How do I work with government and private insurers to secure reimbursement to allow steps 1 through 9 to be actualized?

Have a great meeting!


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