Exploring Human Potential

Cross-Sector Partnerships and Public Health

Source: NIH Mike Magee In an article this week in JAMA, titled “Aspirations and Strategies for Public Health”, the authors explore how best to position the role of Public Health in advancing population health.  Three points were especially noteworthy. 1. “Public health must engage the social, political, and economic foundations that determine population health.” 2. […]

Audit for the New Health Care Professional

Mike Magee In the shift from old models of paternalistic, reactive and interventional care to anticipatory, team-based, inclusive preventive care, health professionals need to think more strategically about their roles as leaders of the health delivery team. What is health really but the maximization of human potential? How do we best connect patients to information, […]

Can A Damaged Heart Heal Itself? With a Little Help, Maybe.

Source: AHA Journals Mike Magee At last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama placed Vice President Joe Biden in the command seat as director of the scientific assault on cancer. The destination – a cure for the dreaded and stubbornly complex myriad of disorders that have created so much suffering and loss of […]

Lewin Report: “Uh Oh – Health Care Costs Are Skyrocketing Again!”

Jack Lewin Health care costs went up by over 5% in 2015 after a mind boggling 7-year run of relatively flat costs.  But in 2016 — and for the next few years — the annual increase is thought by CBO and others to be 8% or more. Private insurance and even the new Affordable Healthcare Act […]

The Risks and Benefits of Home-Centered Deliveries in America.

CDC, 1990-2012 Mike Magee In the final week of 2015, there was a great deal of coverage on the relative risks of home delivery versus hospital-based delivery in the United States. The coverage derived from a NEJM study of Oregon databases in 2012 and 2013 that listed the intended site for delivery for all births […]

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