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Health Technology Collection

Is Our Health Technology Vision Underpowered?

With the advancement of Obamacare, there has been a huge investment in health information technology – especially EMR’s. But has the vision ignored the growth of health consumer empowerment and the increasing role of personal responsibility in advancing cost effective, preventive health care?…

Has Techmanity Become A Major Component Of Advanced Health Professionalism?

Here’s the question: Can technology advance compassion, understanding, partnership and professionalism? Parallel studies of large cohorts of patients and their physicians in the late 90′s in the U.S., U.K., Germany, South Africa, Japan and Canada revealed consistent agreement on the primary definers of a successful patient-physician relationship. They were compassion, understanding and partnership. Patients also […]

Meaningful Use”? Some Thoughts From Ted Shortliffe in 1991.

Mike Magee I wrote recently about the “meaningful use” regulations that define the requirements for federal grants and tax relief to physicians who adopt EMR’s. I’ve questioned whether the vision for the use of these technologies is under powered. To answer this question, it helps to look back if you want to look forward. Why? […]

What Do Steve Jobs, The NEJM and 18 to 29 Year Old’s Have In Common?

Mike Magee Change is never easy. It always involves breaking through the status quo which of course holds on for dear life. But trend lines sooner or later do force adjustment. This is becoming more and more obvious in health care, troubled with high costs, variable quality and a fundamental locational disconnect – placement of […]

Wii in the UK

A good example of techmanityI’ve been making the case for “Techmanity” – technology embraced by health care professionals as a human connector and humanizing force. If you’d like a concrete example, and need to put a bit of a smile on your face today, take a look at this piece from the UK on seniors […]

Brother Austin David Embraces Technology: Circa 1977

Techmanity before the invention of the termI recently came across a paper written in 1977 titled “A Not So Modest Proposal: Technology and Tomorrow’s School” from the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Volume 7(2), 1977. It’s author was a Christian Brother named Austin David Carroll, who had served as a Technology Consultant and Futurist […]

The Power of Information Technology

The Power of Information Technology   Today the world’s populations are increasingly linked; our problems increasingly transparent. Populations around the world are increasingly hopeful that knowle…

All Aboard The Health Information Highway

All Aboard The Health Information Highway   As we enter the final leg of the U.S. presidential election cycle, health care is once again a hot topic. Increasingly, it appears that if there is a wil…

Building Tomorrow’s Health Care

Building Tomorrow’s Health Care       Building Tomorrow’s Health Care  Meet the unlikely players developing our new system  Video   Anyone who’s interested in the much-needed transformation of our …

The Privacy of Patient Data

The Privacy of Patient Data   The majority of Americans take a pragmatic approach to the release of medical data. This is not to say that they take privacy lightly. It simply acknowledges that the …

Health Records Of The Fuure

Health Records of the Future  VIDEO Why ‘lifespan planning’ may be the best approach    If we allow ourselves to dream of a better health care system — one that permits us to feel  connected, su…

Home-Centered Health Care: Part 1

Home-Centered Health: Part 1   Some 40 years ago, I recall visiting General Electrics’ “Carousel of Progress” at the World’s Fair in New York. The attraction, now housed at Disney World in Florida,…

Home-Centered Health Care: Part2

Home-Centered Health: Part 1   Some 40 years ago, I recall visiting General Electrics’ “Carousel of Progress” at the World’s Fair in New York. The attraction, now housed at Disney World in Florida,…

Connecting Patients To Care Teams

Connecting Patients to Care Teams       Connecting Patients to Care Teams:  Getting Serious About Advanced Medical Communications      In the age of health consumerism, educational empowerment is t…

Advanced Professionalism

Advanced Professionalism Draft Curriculum Statement of Purpose: Advanced Professionalism is a multi-disciplinary, interactive, formative educational curriculum which defines health as the pursuit of full human potential and the health professional as a unique professional resource critical to human success. The course is designed to prepare caregivers to meet the professional demands of a modern world. […]

Patient Privacy and Clinical Research

Patient Privacy and Clinical Research   In an age of health-consumer empowerment, at a time when personal medical data is increasingly electronic and transportable to individuals and organizations …

Improving Patient Adherence

Improving Patient Adherence   The modern patient-physician relationship worldwide is increasingly becoming horizontal, not vertical. Studies show that physicians have largely embraced partnerships …

Financing Home Health Care

Financing Home Health Care   Home healthcare covers an increasingly important constellation of health services being delivered in a patient’s home setting. Under this banner exists a complex array …

Long Distance Caregiving

Long Distance Caregiving   Colliding mega-trends are increasingly pitting family loyalties against workplace loyalties. As the U.S. population has aged, families have become more mobile, separated …
Who Will Own Tomorrow’s CME?
Who Will Own Tomorrow’s CME?       Who Will Own Tomorrow’s CME?    Several health megatrends are quietly shaking the foundations of traditional continuing medical  education, known as CME. The edif…

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