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5 Things We Need To Know About Serotonin

Mike Magee What do you really know about serotonin? Probably about as much as I do – neurotransmitter, implicated in depression, one of the S’s in SSRI’s, featured blobettes in the classic Zoloft animated commercial.(1) What else? Lack of it is no cause for personal shame and can be treated, but treating it (especially in the […]

The Pull and Push of Personalized Health Care

Ralph Snyderman ORIGINAL SOURCE My interest in personalized health care began approximately a dozen years ago when as Chancellor for Health Affairs at Duke University, I realized that emerging sciences and technologies were creating medical capabilities never before known. Through the power of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, systems biology, and bioinformatics, one could begin to predict […]

Falling Asleep At The Wheel: Why Watson Beat Us.

Mike Magee Watching Watson, the computer, humiliate our human race on Jeopardy (combined with in-your-face strife and turmoil here and around the world as witnessed on Cable TV) simply reinforces how little we understand about our physiologic selves (1). I’ve mentioned before an interview I did some years back of Craig Venter, the gene genius, […]

Pfizer, Torcetrapib, and HDL: The Dangers of Presuming To Know.

Mike Magee In June 2006, I was meeting privately with a member of Pfizer’s executive leadership team when he shared with me two bits of information that resurfaced in my conciousness today. The first was offered as a bit of coaching (more political than scientific) but has broader application: “Mike, don’t ever presume that you […]

The Cancer Stem Cell: Unlocking the Key To A Cancer Cure

Mike Magee There are a few words in the English language that instigate fear and dread in all who hear them.  One such word is cancer.  Directly or indirectly, nearly all of us have experience with cancer, but our understanding from individual to individual varies greatly. We all certainly know that cancer cells are bad […]

The Bob Butler Tribute: 2 Week Seminar on Aging – Day 10

The Bob Butler Tribute Seminar Day 1. Aging Demographics Day 2. The Challenge of Longevity Day 3. Measuring Aging Vitality and Independence Day 4. When Caregivers Need Care Day 5. Long Distance Caregivers Day 6. The Economics of Living Longer Day 7. Financing Home Health Care Day 8. Elder Abuse and Vulnerable Elders Day 9. […]

Electronic Health Records and Clinical Trials: An Incentive to Integrate

GUEST CORRESPONDENT Chris Thorman As we wait for the federal government to finalize important sections of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), there is a lot of talk about the financial incentives for implementing electronic health records (EHR). And understandably so. Practices that implement an EHR under the federal government’s […]

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