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Earth Day 2020 – 25 Important Facts About Water

Mike Magee World Water Day, April 22, 2020, celebrated at the United Nations, drew a wide range of interested and engaged professionals. But surprisingly, the health care professionals remain under-represented.  How much do doctors, nurses and other health professionals know about water? Here are “25 Facts Every Health Professional Should Know About Water”: 1. Water […]

Will Rogers on Fellow Okie, Scott Pruitt.

Mike Magee Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers, once said,  “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”  On August 2, 2017, that parrot was doing overtime, and he kept squawking,  “Pruitt, Pruitt, Pruitt.” That’s because Oklahoma had just experienced 7 earthquakes in 28 hours. […]

Where Will America Find Corporate Citizenship When She Needs It Most?

Mike Magee We live in a world of false narratives – where words lose their meaning – and therefore their predictive value. Appeals to be open-minded compete with requests for vigilance. One would like to believe that sanity will prevail, but if that were routinely true, we would not need checks and balances. In America, […]

Methane, Fracking and Iran – Mitigating Risk.

Mike Magee Things are shifting in the Middle East. That’s undeniable. And if want to know why, follow the money – or more accurately, the energy. In front of our noses, there’s a wholesale shift going on, away from oil and toward natural gas delivered through technology driven fracking and horizontal drilling. The geopolitical fallout […]

Avoiding PERC (and your Dry Cleaner) – A Win, Win, Win.

Mike Magee Looking for a win, win, win? What about something that will save you money, protect our environment, and protect human health. Let’s talk dry cleaners.(1) First, let me say, I can afford to go to a dry cleaner, although I don’t have as much need for them as I once did. But the […]

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