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Deconstructing Great Science and Technology Videos: 3 NYT Offerings.

Mike Magee This morning I was sipping my coffee as I reviewed the latest news in the New York Times on my iPad. And, of course, the Top News was depressing – ISIS, Ray Rice, Ebola and so on. So I found my way to the video section and looked around a bit. I ended […]

Don’t Blame Mississippi For Not “Uniting” The United States: “Make It Work!”

Mike Magee In Spring, 1974, my Chief Resident in Surgery at the University of North Carolina, walked into the Emergency Room. It had been a particularly grueling night filled with blood, anguish and the sound of helicopters landing and sirens blowing. The team had performed well, including me – an intern with less than a […]

Should Health Professionals Be Like Jedi Knights?

Mike Magee David Brooks stimulated a brisk national discussion last week in a column called “The Humanist Vocation”.(1) In it, he noted that college majors in the humanities had dropped from 14% to 7% in the past 50 years. In the piece he defined the job of humanities “to cultivate the human core, the part […]

Affordable Care Act: Remembering How We Got Here…And Where We’ll Likely Go Next If Rejected.

Kathleen Sebelius US Secretary, Health and Human Services Several weeks ago the nation tuned into a renewed vigorous debate regarding health care reform fueled by the Supreme Court’s review of challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. While the final outcome of these deliberations are yet to be revealed, what we do know […]

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