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A Sweet Deal: NIH Nutrition Research Task Force

Mike Magee “NIH Charts a Path for Nutrition Science” read the JAMA release offering on-air interviews with Griffin P. Rodgers, MD, chair of the new NIH Nutrition Research Task Force. “We hope that the strategic planning … encourages scientists to conduct innovative and really ground-changing studies in nutrition as they relate to health,” was the […]

Is Obesity a “Disease” or a Trojan Horse? The Debate Inside The AMA.

Mike Magee The vote of the A.M.A. House of Delegates is in – obesity is a disease.(1, 2) But what exactly does that mean? To say that the issue is complex and controversial is an understatement. Just take a look at the debate that preceded the AMA vote. Against Declaring Obesity A Disease:  The AMA […]

Happy Independence Day! Celebrating A Home Based Food Culture.

Mike Magee When it comes to childhood obesity, this July 4th, geography will make all the difference. That’s the conclusion of a University of North Carolina study of nearly 30,000 kids.(1)  But if you’re thinking “geography” as in “region of the country”, you’re on the wrong track.Geography here means where the food was prepared and […]

IOM Live Chat Today With CDC Leader

Obesity is common, serious, and costly, and it affects every region of the U.S. During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States This complex and growing epidemic is confronted in “Weight of the Nation”, a four part series airing now on HBO. The documentary was developed […]

How Can We Help Michelle Obama Reverse Childhood Obesity?

Mike Magee Lawrence Gostin, a global health law expert from Georgetown University, in 2007, made the case for greater government involvement in addressing obesity to control the preventable death and disability it causes. He said, “If the problem were related to pathogens, tobacco, or lead paint, most would support aggressive measures to protect innocent individuals […]

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