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“Zika” meets “Bayh-Dole Act” meets “Twitter”

Mike Magee Few on the planet remain unfamiliar with an infectious disease threat that was invisible to most a year or so ago – the Zika virus. It’s association with microcephaly and original concentrated appearance in Brazil (home to the 2016 Summer Olympics) has created the image-driven, news barrage that publicized the threat. All of the […]

Syn 3.0 – A Model T Chassis For Synthetic Biology.

J.Craig Venter Institute team Mike Magee A decade or so ago, I had the opportunity to moderate an educational forum that featured Craig Venter. Venter was relatively fresh off of the competitive race to define the human genome, a scientific battle that ended in a truce with current NIH director, Francis Collins. After shaking hands, […]

A Blood Test for Sports Concussions – Can Americans Stand The Truth?

Source: CDC Mike Magee Two years ago, the Swedish Hockey League made medical history – but not in a good way. 288 members of the 12 teams fighting for the title in their 2012-2013 season agreed to participate in a head trauma medical study. An unfortunate 35 did sustain concussions, and of these 28 completed […]

Could Optimizing The Carbon Sink Offer Immediate Short-Term Relief?

Source: NOAA Video Carbon in Action Mike Magee OK. Let’s just all admit it. Al Gore was right – even if the truth was inconvenient at the time. For most of the civilized world, the present day truth is not only inconvenient, but also incontrovertible, inconceivable (in its potential destructive effects), and increasingly (almost) inevitable. […]

# of U.S. Water Systems With Dangerous Lead Levels?


Death by Environment: The Boomerang Effect of Poor Environmental Policy

Source:IndexMundi  Mike Magee The WHO released a report this week that suggested that nearly 1/4 of all human mortality (22.4%) in 2012 was secondary to unhealthy environments. We have known for some time that planetary health has an important impact on human health. It effects not only the quantity of years an average planetary citizen […]

End-of-Life Care Options

Sophia Bernazzani When your loved one is given months or even weeks to live, it can result in a tidal wave of emotions for you and the rest of the family. Questions such as “Where will he stay?” or “How will we keep her comfortable?” immediately spring to mind. End-of-life care refers to the various […]

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