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“Revolving Door” Doesn’t Quite Describe It. It’s Lou Lasagna’s “Integrated Career Ladder.”

Mike Magee Last week, the New York Times shinned a light on the FDA’s top science regulator of the tobacco industry, Matt Holman, who announced his retirement after 20 years to join Phillip Morris. As they noted, “To critics, Dr. Holman’s move is a particularly concerning example of the ‘revolving door’ between federal officials and […]

The Core Problem That Led To Tuskegee Has Never Been Addressed.

Mike Magee Today is the date that all AP Science journalists know by heart. As the AP banner headline broadcast this morning: “On July 25, 1972, Jean Heller, a reporter on The Associated Press investigative team, then called the Special Assignment Team, broke news that rocked the nation. Based on documents leaked by Peter Buxtun, a […]

The Constitutional Right to Health Care: An Historical Perspective in 5 Parts.

Mike Magee Several weeks ago, I raised a red flag that assaults on women’s right to control their own health decisions threatened their autonomy, as well as the professional rights of physicians. Last week, I suggested that recent changes at the interface of economics and education in the American electorate had created a “polarity reversal” […]

Why “Medicare for All” Could Appeal to White Swing Voters.

Mike Magee “There’s common ground there—not the warm belonging of full creedal agreement, perhaps, but a place, even a welcoming place, where we can stand together.”    Ian Marcus Corbin, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School Most Americans would love to believe this statement. But political reality intervenes. A March, 2022 Pew Research Center analysis found […]

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