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The Silver Lining

Brian Klepper and David C. Kibbe Massachusett’s voters’ stunning rejection of Democrat Martha Coakley, in favor of a not-very-impressive Scott Brown, should be exactly the splash of cold water that the Democratic party – and Congress as a whole – needed. The defeat can be understood in two ways: one large and one fairly small. […]

Rebooting America’s Health IT Conversation Part 2: Beyond EHRs

The Obama health care team should consider a wide range of useful, innovative health IT options[By David C. Kibbe & Brian Klepper]    Yesterday we tried to put EHRs into perspective. They’re important, and we can’t effectively move health care forward without them. But they’re only one of many important health IT functions. EHRs and health […]

Rebooting America’s Health IT Conversation Part 1: Put EHRs in Context

To get its health care infrastruction buildout effort right, the Obama team should think more broadly than EHRs [By David C. Kibbe & Brian Klepper]     On December 19th, we published an Open Letter to the Obama Health Team, cautioning the incoming Administration against limiting its Health Information Technology (IT) investments to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). […]

An Open Letter to the Obama Health Team

Electronic health records would be the easy-but-wrong emphasis of an Obama health IT effort[By David C. Kibbe & Brian Klepper]   It seems likely that the Obama administration and Congress will spend a significant amount on health IT by attaching it as a first-order priority to the fiscal stimulus package. We take the President-elect at his […]

Small Group Coverage: A Report from the Trenches

Small business is drowning in the current health care market. John Sinibaldi, a well-respected health insurance agent in St. Petersburg, FL , has become prominent in Florida’s broker community because he not only counsels and services a large book of small business clients, but because he also studiously tracks the macro trends that impact coverage for […]

America’s CEOs Set Priorities for the Obama Administration

The Nation’s Most Influential Business Leaders Have Developed Consensus Priorities for America’s FutureThis past Monday and Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal convened an extraordinary conference of about 100 CEOs to develop and recommend issue priorities for the new Administration. (See the participant list here.) This meeting brought together the nation’s industry power players. Several Senators […]

The Changes We Need

Renewed energy and enthusiasm are not enough for health care reform. We need a paradigm shift.These are, as the Chinese curse reputedly called them, interesting times. If the burst of new Democratic health care reform proposals is any indication, the fresh breeze of the Obama campaign’s "Yes We Can" optimism is blowing across the nation. […]

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