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How Healthy Is Your State And Our Nation?

Mike Magee The wire release of America’s Health Rankings®, a state by state assessment compiled by the American Public Health Association and supported by the United HealthCare Foundation, summed it up this way: “Overall Healthiness Slightly Improved, but Obesity, Children in Poverty, and Diabetes Worrisome for States’ Health….reductions in smoking, preventable hospitalizations and infectious disease […]

Childhood Obesity, the FTC and the FDA

Mike Magee Big problems require thoughtful, integrated solutions. Case in point – childhood obesity. As I describe below in this archival report, you can’t fully address childhood obesity without passing through the doors of the FTC and the FDA.  (Continue….)

Sign Jamie’s Petition

Want to lend your support to a change in the American diet? Go here:

Thank You, Jamie Oliver!

Meredith Magee Donnelly As an early childhood educator I learned that nutrition and education go hand in hand.  Too often children are labeled as ADHD or a behavioral problem without first looking at their diets.  During one of my summer breaks I researched the effects food additives and dyes have on the behavior of children […]

The American Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver Leads The Way

Mike Magee Last night, my wife Trish forced me to sit down and watch British chef Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution“. (1) He’s on a mission to change the way America eats. And he has some experience doing just that . His 4 part series in the UK unlocked the purse strings to the tune of 1 […]

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