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Meredith Magee Donnelly As an early childhood educator I learned that nutrition and education go hand in hand.  Too often children are labeled as ADHD or a behavioral problem without first looking at their diets.  During one of my summer breaks I researched the effects food additives and dyes have on the behavior of children […]

College Women Need to Focus on Nutrition

According to experts in nutrition, eating disorders have become the norm rather than the exception for college women in America.1,2 Surveys indicate that nine out of every ten college women attempt to control their weight with dieting. Thirty-five percent of those who begin as “normal dieters” become “pathologic dieters.” Of these, about one-quarter will develop […]

New York City Takes on the American Diet

New York City is 8 million strong, the epicenter of global finance and "type A" personalities. It is also the home of 1 million obese Americans and an additional 2 million who are clinically overweight.1 Eighteen percent of those who are obese and 10% of those who are overweight suffer from diabetes.1,2 The cost of […]

Staying Healthy for Less

Our country is experiencing a financial downturn. People are jittery and scared. You can feel it in the air. What we need is a bit of a boost from people who have weathered adversity in the past. My nominee is Elfisio Farris, a first generation American from Sardinia, the large island off the western coast […]

School Lunches

A smart destination for stimulus funding As the stimulus package has rolled out, I’ve been trying to think creatively. Where might we get the biggest bang for our buck?  We want to create lasting infrastructure, jobs, and savings- long and short term. We want smart integrated solutions, close to home, right here on Main Street. […]

Tight Budget?

Drop the vitamins!I think it’s fair to say that fear and concern about our individual and collective financial future is now widely, if not evenly, spread everywhere from Wall Street to Main Street and all the stops in-between. And with that has come belt tightening in almost every home in America. So here’s one cost […]

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