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Ren: Goodness = Good Governance

Mike Magee In this post-July 4th period, we do well to revisit The Ren. Why?  We have a deep divide of opinion in our country that is visible and at times vitriolic. We have issues that should be manageable in a civil manner, like health coverage, or gun control, or financial regulation, that generate destructive […]

Announcing: A Unique Resource – The Forerunner Collection

Health Commentary provides a range of informational open source resources for educational use with proper attribution. One of those resources is our Collections section prominently displayed on the toolbar above. In the collection, you will find series on aging, technology, and obesity. You can also access a curriculum on Advanvced Professionalism and 188 annotated public […]

Desegregating Health Ed On College Campuses: The Healthy Person Project

Mike Magee In 2010 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued their report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. A central theme was its appeal to a new approach to caring where “interprofessional collaboration and coordination are the norm.” This year the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s reinforced this message as part of their Charting […]

“Advanced Professionalism”: A View Standing On Others’ Shoulders

by Mike Magee MD As I mentioned last week, I’ve been in the early stages of a purposefully disruptive project titled “Advanced Professionalism”, which involves reviewing a decade of Medical Education literature on the topic with an eye toward challenging traditional thinking. All sources this week pointed to the seminal work of Dr. Thomas S. […]

Consumer Reports on Health: Worse Than Average

Good intentions do not good tools make, even if you’re Consumers Union Maybe no one at Consumer Reports has a mother. The first rule of effective consumer information is “tell it to Mom;” that is, explain why something is important in the kind of language you would use if speaking to your mother. Unfortunately, the […]

Medical Communicators Take Center Stage

AMA conference helps medical experts learn to communicate vital health information In my most recent blog, “Trusting the Experts for Accurate Health Information,” April 1, 2008, I suggested that the media needs to be responsible for providing accurate, reliable health information to the public.  From that blog: “Not only is it the responsibility of the […]

Time for a Reappraisal of the “Business�? of CME

We should consider continuing medical education in the context of a free economyThe growing criticism of pharmaceutical company funding of CME has rattled both the pharmaceutical industry and many legitimate providers of CME. To recap the recent criticisms: The Special Communication by leaders of academic medicine in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association (Jan. […]

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