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Status Report – 27 Months After Newtown.

Mike Magee December 14, 2012 seems a long time ago – 27 months ago tomorrow. That is when 20 young souls, age 6 and 7, were shot down in Newton, CT. Two days after the tragedy, I wrote: “Did we as a nation do all that was possible to avoid the disaster in Newtown, CT? […]

Has Techmanity Become a Major Component of Advanced Health Professionalism?

Here’s the question: Can technology advance compassion, understanding, partnership and professionalism? Parallel studies of large cohorts of patients and their physicians in the late 90’s in the U.S., U.K., Germany, South Africa, Japan and Canada revealed consistent agreement on the primary definers of a successful patient-physician relationship. They were compassion, understanding and partnership. Patients also […]

Rebooting America’s Health IT Conversation Part 2: Beyond EHRs

The Obama health care team should consider a wide range of useful, innovative health IT options[By David C. Kibbe & Brian Klepper]    Yesterday we tried to put EHRs into perspective. They’re important, and we can’t effectively move health care forward without them. But they’re only one of many important health IT functions. EHRs and health […]

Rebooting America’s Health IT Conversation Part 1: Put EHRs in Context

To get its health care infrastruction buildout effort right, the Obama team should think more broadly than EHRs [By David C. Kibbe & Brian Klepper]     On December 19th, we published an Open Letter to the Obama Health Team, cautioning the incoming Administration against limiting its Health Information Technology (IT) investments to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). […]

Fact or Fiction: Electronic health records save money

The jury’s still out on whether EHRs reduce cost, but it appears they enhance value. Note by Brian Klepper: Today the actuarial consulting firm Milliman is convening a town hall meeting in Seattle focused generally on health care reform, but specifically on Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The larger Seattle metropolitan area is a hotbed of […]

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