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Doctors in the Top 5% – Not The Top 1% by Income. Oh, and Canadian doctors make more than U.S. doctors.

Source What are the average 2017 earnings of U.S. doctors? Primary Care – $217,000  Specialties – $316,000 What is the salary span for doctors by specialty? Pediatricians make the least ($202,000), Orthopedists the most ($489,000). How much have salaries grown in the last six years? 43%, from an average $206,000 in 2011 to an average […]

Connection? Obamacare Job Impact & FDR “Court Packing” Case of 1937.

Mike Magee What do the latest CBO report on potential job losses associated with Obamacare have in common with the FDR “Court Packing” plan of 1937? I’m about to answer that question. First a word on the CBO report.(1) It was released yesterday. The report suggests that the law will lead to a decrease of […]

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