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The Most Commonsensical And Hopeless Reform Idea Ever

Michael Millenson The way that Michael Long and Sandeep Green Vaswami want to change hospital care may well rank as both the most commonsensical and most hopeless health reform proposal ever. The real question is whether they can show the same tenacity in pursuing their goal as an elderly Jewish woman from Munster, Ind., who […]

Spock, Feminists, and the Fight for Participatory Medicine: A History

Eight Days: A Health Care Diary

Thought-provoking commentary from blogger Michael Millenson Health Commentary guest blogger Michael Millenson has been on the road recently, covering health care events around the country. His summaries, posted at the Health Affairs Blog July 10, capture very well some of the key issues we face in trying to sort out our health care system problems. Read on… EIGHT […]

‘Consumers Checkbook’: An Open Response To HHS Secretary Leavitt

HHS says that it wants transparency, but its actions speak differently A few months ago, the two of us (Brian Klepper, top photo, Michael Millenson, bottom photo) – both long-time advocates for transparency and accountability – posted separate comments on Secretary Mike Leavitt’s blog.  Brian asked Secretary Leavitt to square his support of "Chartered Value Exchanges” with […]

Health 2.0

Weighing in with a reality checkMaybe you saw the article: “Health 2.0 Helps, But Personal Contact Remains Top Weight Loss Strategy.” OK. I made up the headline.  But the information comes from an article that provides food for thought for those of us who speak, blog and otherwise evangelize about the good things the Internet […]

Huckabee-Style Health Reform

Morally and physically fit Back in November, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wrote a remarkably candid essay for a special election issue of the trade journal Modern Healthcare. Since then, the former Arkansas governor’s campaign has morphed from single-digit obscurity to mainstream prominence, and the candor on health care has mostly been scrubbed clean from […]

Health Care’s Cold Truth

An Iowa perspective I am writing this blog from Cedar Rapids, Iowa grateful that the temperature has warmed from brutally cold to pleasantly sub-freezing. Fortunately, the warm feelings left by the extraordinary victory of Sen. Barack Obama, the candidate for whom I was knocking on doors and making phone calls these last few days, has […]

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