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Why Older Men Should Swim, Not Cycle.

Mike Magee I live in West Hartford, CT, an affluent town with more than its’ share of Type A personalities. In a town such as this, people would rather not give in to aging, have access to a wide range of community services, and remain active. Three cases in point are our award winning Cornerstone […]

Status Report – 27 Months After Newtown.

Mike Magee December 14, 2012 seems a long time ago – 27 months ago tomorrow. That is when 20 young souls, age 6 and 7, were shot down in Newton, CT. Two days after the tragedy, I wrote: “Did we as a nation do all that was possible to avoid the disaster in Newtown, CT? […]

If the “Homeland” is Safe, Is America Safe?

Mike Magee “Too often, road safety is treated as a transportation issue, not a public health issue, and road-traffic injuries are called accidents, though most could be prevented. As a result, many countries put far less effort into understanding and preventing road-traffic injuries than they do into understanding and preventing diseases that do less harm.”(1) […]

Parent Alert: Graco Stollers Recalled Due to Baby Fingertip Amputations

  Parent Alert: Baby products giant Graco has recalled 5 million strollers like those above after babies have lost fingertips in the framing. To check whether your stroller is safe, contact Graco Children’s Products at (800) 345-4109 or online at

Syrian Debate: What Would Doctors and Nurses Do?

Mike Magee President Obama has appropriately asked the US Congress to debate our response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The value for the US and the world is the first full airing of the pro’s and con’s of attempting, through treaties and agreements and the enforcement of such agreements, to maintain a […]

New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Forget The Children Of Newtown, CT.

Mike Magee On December 30, 2012, President Obama stated that the day a gunman killed 20 schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., was the “worst day of my presidency.” Clearly his visit to Newtown, CT was for him a call to action. He immediately established a task force under the direction of Vice President Biden to bring […]

Heads Up To Soccer Moms!

Mike Magee Concussions and brain injury associated with football – no news there! Unless, of course, we’re talking about English football or soccer. A study released this week is setting off alarm bells in communities across the US where recreational and competitive soccer now involves more kids then all other sports combined. The study retrospectively […]

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