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IOM Weighs In On Sports-Related Concussions In Children

A new IOM report released today flashes a yellow caution light on contact youth sports. The report states in part: “Studies of the shorter-term effects of repetitive head impacts and multiple concussions have had mixed results; some studies show that these injuries result in a decrease in cognitive function — such as memory loss — […]

The AAP and Cognitive Dissonance: Sports vs. Traumatic Brain Injuries In Children.

Mike Magee When I sat down to view the Frontline “League of Denial” documentary, I already knew in advance it’s focus – head injuries in NFL players. I knew as well the long standing legal battle between NFL players, the players association, NFL owners and Riddell, the maker of football helmets. And like many other […]

Heads Up To Soccer Moms!

Mike Magee Concussions and brain injury associated with football – no news there! Unless, of course, we’re talking about English football or soccer. A study released this week is setting off alarm bells in communities across the US where recreational and competitive soccer now involves more kids then all other sports combined. The study retrospectively […]

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