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Will AI Revolutionize Surgical Care? Yes, But Maybe Not How You Think.

Mike Magee If you talk to consultants about AI in Medicine, it’s full speed ahead. GenAI assistants, “upskilling” the work force, reshaping customer service, new roles supported by reallocation of budgets, and always with one eye on “the dark side.” But one area that has been relatively silent is surgery. What’s happening there? In June, […]

Canada vs. U.S. Health Care: National Governance Reform – HHS, FDA, NIH, CDC.

Mike Magee As we have seen, America’s health care system – disintegrated, opaque and heavily conflicted – didn’t just happen. It is the result of thousands of conscious decisions over nearly a century. Choices made have tipped the scale toward intervention, technology, and medicalization at every turn. Peggy Noonan suggested this week that Paul Ryan’s […]

Otis Brawley MD With Latest Cancer Society Statistics

The American Cancer Society reported this week on progress in cancer survival. Here is their Medical Director, Otis Brawley MD, on the meaning of these findings. VIDEO

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