Exploring Human Potential

Could Super-Charged “Facial Recognition Technology” Dead End in “Eugenics?”

Mike Magee How comfortable is the FDA and Medical Ethics community with new, super-charged, medical Facial Recognition Technology (mFRT) that claims it can “identify the early stages of autism in infants as young as 12 months?” That test already has a name -the RightEye GeoPref Autism Test. Its’ UC San Diego designer says it was […]

Remembering My Parents and the Reagan’s

Mike Magee The words on the May 7, 1992, University of Pennsylvania report, signed by psychiatrist Gary Gottlieb, could hardly have been more definitive. They read, “Dr. Magee’s pattern of results suggests moderate to severe diffuse global impairment with functions mediated by the temporal and frontal lobes being affected to a greater degree. His performance […]

Is My Brain Growing As I Age?

Mike Magee Because my father and his sister developed Alzheimer’s disease in their late 70’s, and because they were subjected to a prolonged and painful decline, and finally death, as a result of the disease, my ten brothers and sisters (ranging in age now from the mid-fifties to the early seventies) have been particularly focused […]

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