Exploring Human Potential

GPT-4o: “From babble to concordance to inclusivity…”

Mike Magee If you follow my weekly commentary on or THCB, you may have noticed over the past 6 months that I appear to be obsessed with mAI, or Artificial Intelligence intrusion into the health sector space. So today, let me share a secret. My deep dive has been part of a long preparation […]

Tech Ethicist Says, “AI impact on society and culture will be unimaginable.”

Mike Magee His biography states, “He speaks to philosophical questions about the fears and possibilities of new technology and how we can be empowered to shape our future. His work to bridge cultures spans artificial intelligence, cognition, language, music, creativity, ethics, society, and policy.” He embraces the title “cross-disciplinary,” and yet his PhD thesis at […]

“AI god Tells Medical-Industrial Complex: ‘Your Health Care System Is Perfect!’”

Mike Magee One of the top ten headlines of all time created by the satirical geniuses at The Onion was published 25 years ago this December. It read, “God Answers Prayers Of Paralyzed Little Boy. ‘No,’ Says God.” The first paragraph of that column introduced us to Timmy Yu, an optimistic 7-year old, who despite […]

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