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We Had Plenty Of Warning. Will Microbes Finally Force Modernization of the American Health Care System?

Mike Magee Science has a way of punishing humans for their arrogance. In 1996, Dr. Michael Osterholm found himself rather lonely and isolated in medical research circles. This was the adrenaline infused decade of blockbuster pharmaceuticals focused squarely on chronic debilitating diseases of aging. And yet, there was Osterholm, in Congressional testimony delivering this message: […]

Lessons from Ebola in the Age of Zika

Mike Magee In the run up to the Olympics, and now as they have drawn to a close, Zika has been top medical news when it comes to exotic infectious diseases. It’s story has been so compelling that the mosquito borne disease has pushed Ebola to the sidelines – an epidemic which infected  28,616 Africans […]

America’s Scientific Bipolarism – “Woe Is Me.” vs. “Yes We Can!”

SOURCE: HHMI NEWS Videos Mike Magee As ISIS and Ebola “take over the world” (or at least the hearts, minds, and fears of the planet’s human inhabitants), it is easy to be drawn into a downward mental spiral. This morning’s news features an MSF doctor, just back from treating Ebola patients in Guinea, travelling on […]

Patient Information Sheet on Ebola: Thank You JAMA

JAMA Patient Information on EBOLA

Ebola Crisis Communications Out Of Control: Time Again For Tony Fauci

Ashoka Mukpo, source/DailyMail UK Mike Magee With the announcement this morning that Nancy Snyderman and her Ebola infected free lance photographer, Ashoka Mukpo, are on their way back to the states from Liberia in a private corporate jet, fundamental questions about transmission of Ebola are being raised. The current situation rings the same crisis communication […]

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