Exploring Human Potential

AI Can Talk, But Can It Think?

Mike Magee OpenAI says its new GPT-4o is “a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction,” and is capable of responding to your inquiry “with an average 320 millisecond (delay) which is similar to a human response time.” So it can speak human, but can it think human? The “concept of cognition”  has been a scholarly football […]

Omicron and Evolutionary Biology: A Greek Tragedy in the Making.

Mike Magee “Many still see Alpha and Delta as being as bad as things are ever going to get. It would be wise to consider them as steps on a possible trajectory that may challenge our public health response further.”        Aris Katzourakis, Evolutionary Biologist, University of Oxford., August, 2021 The prophetic words […]

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