Exploring Human Potential

Home-Cooking: Gender-Neutral and Too Important To Outsource.

Mike Magee Home may be “where the heart is”, but few would argue that it is currently “where the health is”. In America, we abhor homelessness, but we have historically been unusually tolerant of “healthlessness”. Many of us worked on the concept of “Medical Home” only to find it fall far short in its’ implementation. […]

Competitor Analysis: The Future of Primary Care

Mike Magee Most would now agree that we are approaching a fundamental disconnect in two health delivery trend lines. They are: 1) the growing need and demand for services fueled by our aging population and 2) a growing shortage of primary care health professionals. Where opinions diverge is how to address this growing problem in […]

Health Workforce Plans: Fuzzy Futures?

Mike Magee Workforce Issues in health care have become a health policy career track over the past two decades. The issue has been studied and re-studied, usually as an addendem to the status-quo. The most recent study, from the Alliance for Health Reform with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation goes a bit […]

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