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We Had Plenty Of Warning. Will Microbes Finally Force Modernization of the American Health Care System?

Mike Magee Science has a way of punishing humans for their arrogance. In 1996, Dr. Michael Osterholm found himself rather lonely and isolated in medical research circles. This was the adrenaline infused decade of blockbuster pharmaceuticals focused squarely on chronic debilitating diseases of aging. And yet, there was Osterholm, in Congressional testimony delivering this message: […]

American Science’s “Odd Couple” – Dr.’s Koop and Fauci.

The following 5-part series is excerpted from an as yet unpublished history of 20th Century medicine in the United States by Mike Magee MD. PART I: The Conversion of C. Everett Koop On the day after Ronald Reagan’s election, Christian conservative Jerry Falwell was euphoric. As he said, “I knew that we would have some […]

“Active Evolution”: The Supreme Court Can’t Turn Back Time.

Mike Magee As we await the Supreme Court’s decision on Health Reform, many hospitals, insurers and health professional leaders have said a negative decision will “not matter”. Their point is – like it or not – the health care world is changing. We are in a state of “active evolution”.  And the opponents of President […]

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