Exploring Human Potential

“Generative Pre-Trained Transformers” (GPT): An Historical Perspective.

Mike Magee Over the past year, the general popularization of AI or Artificial Intelligence has captured the world’s imagination. Of course, academicians often emphasize historical context.  But entrepreneurs tend to agree with Thomas Jefferson who said, “I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” This particular dream however is all […]

How The Ties Between Your Employer and Your Health Insurance Are Unraveling – and why that’s a good idea.

Mike Magee A series of highly publicized reports over the past few weeks have raised concerns that employer’s paternalistic involvement with your health and your health insurance is on a downslope. But is that really bad? Home Depot announced plans to shift 20,000 part-time (less than 30 hours a week) employees to government sponsored insurance […]

Will Doctors and Hospitals Accept Help From Watson? For Many The Answer Is No.

Mike Magee I’ve said many times that the American Health Care System is “intentionally dis-integrated”. By this I mean that the powers that be – doctors and their organizations, hospitals and hospital systems, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, insurers and others – will do almost anything to avoid national rationalization of health care and the […]

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