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Doctor Senators Barrasso and Price – They Are No Royal Copeland.

Sen. Royal Copeland M.D. (D, NY) Mike Magee This week the Republican leadership once again released an unapologetically regressive plan for America’s healthcare that would drive a further wedge between rich and poor and sow despair deep into America’s soul. Sadly, two of the primary leaders of the effort are fellow physicians, Sen. John Barrasso […]

A Wise Father: “One Brain is Bigger Than Both Your Hands.”

Credit:Jabin Botsford/The New York Times Mike Magee So it’s Sunday – and for many Americans (130 million when it comes to “Super-Bowl Sunday”) that means football. But as one post-election commentator opined today, “Politics determines who has the power, not who has the truth”. Discussions around the future of NFL football are just about as […]

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