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Artist Randy Souders – One of the 47% – Clear Eyed and In His Own Words.

Randy Sounders After writing this week about “The New RomneyCare – Reinforcing The Status Quo”, I heard from a number of people whose lives would be impacted by a Romney election. One of them was Randy Souders, the artist and a C3/C4 tetraplegic since his accident at age 18 in 1972. Randy and I served for […]

The New RomneyCare: Introducing The Old Status Quo

Mike Magee Nearly a decade ago, I participated in a collaborative gathering of health policy leaders each year at the Sundance Mountain Lodge in Monument, CO. The group, called the Health Sector Assembly, is still in existence. As veteran reporter David Broder wrote in 2003, “Organized by Roy Pfautch, a veteran of the American Medical […]

Is Mitt Romney (Like George W. Bush) Going To Throw Science Under The Bus?

Mike Magee MD Last year, American women took advantage of emergency contraception in the United States over 12 million times.(1) That’s a steep increase over prior years. What it means is that these women decided to use contraception, albeit after sexual intercourse, rather than conceive an unwanted child. It also means that some of these […]

Of Three Lessons From Mass. Experience – #3 Is Critical

In the wake of last night’s Republican debate, it is interesting to note 3 lessons provided in the last paragraph of this week’s lead opinion article in NEJM by Staiger et al (Health Care Reform and Health Care Workforce – The Massachusetts Experience): 1.  “Reform may accelerate the trend toward health care’s being the dominant […]

GOP Debate Tonight: Health Care Fireworks?

Mike Magee Tonight at 8PM EST, the GOP presidential candidates will gather at the Ronald Reagan Library for a debate.(1) A large audience is expected with Texas Governor Rick Perry’s entrance into the race impacting former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s poll numbers. In the lead up, there’s been significant chatter back and forth over who […]

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